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Boy Toy #16

Don't be shy ladies...tell us why this boy toy gets your attention. Your likes and comments will weigh heavily in the process of selecting boy toys for The Manhunt Project calendar.

Likes: 519

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"Oooh, I'll show you what nasty is all about. "

 (Posted by j.d.) on '0000-00-00'

"Boy toys don't have to be great looking or have great bodies. They just have to be attentive, put out, and do whatever you ask them to do. I'll bet money that this one would strip and dance and do anything I ask him to do. He looks a little on the wild side and I like that!!"

 (Posted by Claremont Cougar) on '2010-11-11'

"Big lips, big thrill. You show me your abs and I'll show you mine."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-11-11'