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Boy Toy #2

Don't be shy ladies...tell us why this boy toy gets your attention. Your likes and comments will weigh heavily in the process of selecting boy toys for The Manhunt Project calendar.

Likes: 645

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"The eyes work, but the facial hair kills the vibe."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"I wonder how long he can last."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"He's fine looking."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"I want to bite his lip."

 (Posted by Suzy Q) on '0000-00-00'

"Penetrating eyes"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '05-03-15 11:13'

"YYYyyyyes. the eyes!"

 (Posted by B) on '2010-10-11'

"Yes, but I have another shirt you can wear."

 (Posted by B) on '2010-10-11'

"The salt and pepper hair and those bedroom eyes, they are a plus."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-11-11'

"I bet he's a hypnotist. "Look into my eyes. You are feeling drowsy . . . and sleepy. And when you wake up, you won't remember a thing." Works for me."

 (Posted by Susy Q) on '2010-11-11'

"Like the colors (shirt)"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-12-11'