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Boy Toy #3

Don't be shy ladies...tell us why this boy toy gets your attention. Your likes and comments will weigh heavily in the process of selecting boy toys for The Manhunt Project calendar.

Likes: 569

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"Nice chest, beautiful arms. The hair on the stomach and on the pecks is very nice. "

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"i could grab those shoulders and have the RIDE of a lifetime.....not to mention lightly licking his chest all the way down south!!!!"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"Too heavy on the muscle. Too light on the sex appeal."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"I'd like to know if he has a firm ass."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"Oh baby, baby, I like it !!"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"oh hello chest"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'


 (Posted by Anonymous) on '08-14-15 05:34'

"Nice chest. "

 (Posted by B) on '2010-10-11'

"No thanks. I want a man to spend more time looking at me than at himself in the mirror. Not that he doesn't have anything to look at . . . he certainly does, but I am too suspicious about body builders."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-10-11'

"Ooooo Y-E-S. This one is hot, hot, hot. I want to rub suntan lotion all over his body and let him slip and slide all over me. "

 (Posted by Horny housewife - age 42.) on '2010-11-11'

"Muscles, muscles everywhere! Awesome body, good-looking, I wouldn't mind looking at this sexy body every day for a whole month."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-11-11'

"Let's get it on!"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2011-05-11'