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Boy Toy #5

Don't be shy ladies...tell us why this boy toy gets your attention. Your likes and comments will weigh heavily in the process of selecting boy toys for The Manhunt Project calendar.

Likes: 581

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"Kinda kinky. Just my type."

 (Posted by Bella, age 30) on '0000-00-00'

"I'm ready to get my freak on!!"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Something tells me he likes to do magic and he might just have some tricks up his sleeve or his pants leg."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-10-11'

"I don't know. My brain says this one is too freaky, but then I kinda want to try something different. I'm hoping he has a magic wand."

 (Posted by Horny housewife age 42.) on '2010-11-11'

"I think his mustache will do the trick every time. Come down and visit me honey!"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-11-11'

"I get the feeling this guy is never dull. let's go, baby!"

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2011-03-11'