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Boy Toy #11

Don't be shy ladies...tell us why this boy toy gets your attention. Your likes and comments will weigh heavily in the process of selecting boy toys for The Manhunt Project calendar.

Likes: 639

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"He looks strong and sexy. He also looks like he would be fun in bed. "

 (Posted by Sandy from the I.E.) on '0000-00-00'

"Look at the muscles. I'll bet he still has a nice firm ass. "

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '0000-00-00'

"Hell yeah! He's fine!!"

 (Posted by Miss Silver Streaks, age 47) on '0000-00-00'


 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-11-11'

"A sexy, silver fox. Just what I've been looking for. I wonder what he drives and how much money he has in the bank. "

 (Posted by Diana) on '2010-11-11'

"He looks smart. That's really sexy. and nice, look at that smile. He has a lot going for him, but still doesn't take life too seriously."

 (Posted by Anonymous) on '2010-12-11'